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I'm a seasoned man and author. Storytelling is at the core of my life. Books add so much pleasure to my world, I want to give you some of mine. Please follow my blog for scenes from my work and free book offers.

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I grew up in a small town in California and went to the gay bars in Santa Cruz. I started going up to San Francisco early on. I came of age there, and went through a lot of losses of good men and one woman to AIDS. My involvement in the SM scene may be the key thing that kept me HIV negative through the plague years. I got my degrees in the city, moved to the north coast, and holed up writing for a few years.

Self-publishing changed my life. This new line of gay books is the result of two years of writing fiction for a living. I took on a challenge to start a new venture on a new name, working with nothing but the skills I have. It’s a zero budget enterprise.

I’m traveling full-time, which turned out to be great for my budget and my psyche as the U.S. turns into something horrifying.

I wrote Secret Treasure a couple of years ago and set it aside because I need to earn money on everything I publish. My early LGBT books didn’t reach an audience.

Sparked by this challenge, I’ve been working on this book again, and in response, it’s growing.

I’ll be posting scenes here. I hope you’ll follow along. Jag Codebreaker may have met his match in Captain Garth. But they both have secrets, and damage, the kind that makes connecting with the man you want most difficult to bear.

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